We believe in travel journeys that build harmony and connections between people, communities, and the environment. We understand its potential to enrich lives, heal individuals and empower societies along the way. We are pleased to announce exclusive tours in various parts of Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, South Pacific and South America. Lion Travels creates experiences: between people, communities, and landscapes often in stunningly scenic, sacred areas around the world. 



From the highest mountain range in the world to the tropical jungles and with more than 90 hospitable indigenous communities, Nepal is a place you must visit.  Either you prefer adventure and remote off the beaten paths or traveling with luxury, we have options available. 


The last small Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayas, Bhutan has successfully preserved in cultural and natural heritage and is beginning to be known with its policy of National Happiness and focus on environmental conservation.  Visit Bhutan to observe its colorful festivals, monasteries,  pristine forests, biodiversity, and great hiking and travel route with local experts. 


Tibet has captured the imagination of adventurers of all ages.  The mystical land synonymous with Shangrila, however, has not been accessible for all due to geography and political reasons. With the improved access, hotels and travel facilities, Tibet is becoming a favorite destination for many. We advise you to visit this legendary place and its magnificent heritage before it is too late.  


Malawi is a fascinating small country in southeast Africa, surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania with a history of human inhabitants dating 8000–2000 B.C.  Lake Malawi occupies country's eastern border while north-south Rift Valley is flanked by mountain ranges and high plateau areas. In addition to exploration of these highlights, you will get to observe and be a part of community projects in Rumphi aiming to improve education and sanitation in the region. 



Madagascar is a Mecca for biodiversity with unique faunal and floral world. Our tours include selected parks and reserves that will offer you the best opportunities to discover endemic species in their natural environment: lemurs, chameleons, birds, … amidst  breathtaking  landscapes and interesting local settlements. 

Our Featured Trips

Journey to the Top of the World - Everest Base Camp Trekking Nepal

Trekking into the spectacular landscape of Mt Everest, cultural heritage sites of Nepal and into the mystical culture, hospitality of Nepalese, Himalayan communities.

Explore The Forbidden Himalayan Kingdom of Lo (Mustang) - Nepal

Explore the forbidden kingdom in the Himalayas,observe and experience the age-old Tibetan, Himalayan cultural traditions, amazing landscapes with locals. 

Discover the remote Himalayas with Nomadic Skies - Dolpo Nepal

Join us on this special trip to explore the unique landscapes, cultural traditions and social wellbeing of Dolpo region in West Nepal. 

Journey into the Land of Happiness - Bhutan

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Kailash and Manasarovar Yatra from Humla by air

Join us in our special Holy Kailash and Manasarovar yatra. We have local experts in the team to ensure your safety, comfort and affordability as well special needs.  The sacred site has never been more  acessible and affordable. Utilize this rare opportunity in a trip of a lifetime . 

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra Overland

Join us on a overland tour to Kailash via Nepal Rasuwagadi border. Our local networks and  experts in the team will ensure your safety, comfort and affordability as well as special needs. 

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We are a group of people with a passion for travel and adventure while also being dedicated to supporting communities and the environment around the world. We formed our travel agency to help people plan and book their dream vacations while also contributing to the communities and environment's need. We have over 20 years of experience in adventure travel around the world!

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Whether you're looking for a cruise, plane tickets, accommodations, or the whole package, we have you covered!  Let one of our specialists know where, when you want to go and we'll help you figure out the rest. We have local partners and representatives in the destinations we work to get the best deals for you.

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Lion Travels, LLC is a company with an expertise for travel and adventure while also being dedicated to supporting communities and preserving the environment around the world. Our travel agency is designed to help people discover adventure and dream vacations while also contributing to the Social and Environmental Impact in one’s travel and destination. 

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Travel Specialist #1

Surendra Lama was born in Nepal. He started his career in tourism as a mountain bike tour leader in 1997 and after having traveled most of the Asian adventure destinations he founded and ran an adventure tour company in Nepal. His love and passion for adventure brought him to become a founding member, President  and specialist in Lion Adventure Travels USA.  


Joel Pirchesky was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His greatest spirit has been his entrepreneurial one, and in 2006, he founded the internet business, One World Blue, LLC. The long term and overall goal for One World Blue has been to create a social media platform that will be a place for Social and Planetary Healing. It is a place to spotlight the good individuals are doing to transform the world, crowdfund for social impact projects, celebrate and appreciate cultural diversity, and facilitate conservation of the Eco-systems with Planet Sanctuary.  Mr. Pirchesky is also a consultant for Marketing, Media and Management. He serves as the Chairman of Lion Travels. 

Travel Specialist #2

Jigme Lama aka Nar Lama born in West Nepal and has been a rural development worker and travel professional since 1996 having worked with development organizations, companies in Nepal and overseas. He studied rural Development, Buddhist studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and strongly believes in the role of travel and tourism in bridging many issues and gaps in today's world between people, communities, and environment. He is our South Asia Specialist and CEO at Lion Adventure Travels. 

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