Trekking and Hiking

One of the best ways to experience and travel in the mountains is to walk through through them. Walking from one place to another has been the main way of travel until recently and with the advent of adventure tourism, this became a popular product in travel . It involves hiking through hills, villages, forests meeting new places and communities while enhancing your fitness.   

Cultural tours

Our cultural tours focuse on the excursions of tangible and intangible heritages in our destination areas. Activites involve visiting heritage sites and also observing and having deeper interactions with elders, story tellers, singers and meditation masters. Of course this involves trying local cuisines and experiencing local hospitality.  

Special interests

If you would are planning to engage in a particular interests such as photography, filming, research,  educational purposes, business or special expeditions,  we can help you arrange logistics for you. Our team has been involved in documentary filming, photography, charity tours, research trips and various special interests. Lets us know about your requirements, we can help you in making it easier for you.       

Outdoor learning and education

Backed by our extensive experience  in leading student groups and volunteers in Asia,  we are offering educational and voluntary trips for interested university students and graduates willing to gain real world experiences working with grassroot communities and organizations in rural areas in Asia and Africa.  

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Check out the new tour to Madagascar. Do you love wildlife and culture? This may be the place for your next adventure!! More details in our Madagascar Itinerary. Check it out today!

Have you Dreamed of Africa?

Check out our excursion to Malawi. Adventure and Social Impact in one unforgettable trip!! More details to come soon!!

Featured Trips and Services

Trekking to Everest Base Camp Nepal

This trip takes you into the awe-inspiring landscape of Mt Everest, ancient cultural heritage sites of Nepal and into the mystical culture, hospitality of Nepalese people. This is a trip of a lifetime. 

Discover the Lost Kingdom of Mustang

Join us in exploring the last Himalayan Kingdom. Discover and experience the Tibetan culture, spirituality and healing systems amidst an amazing landscape of Annapurna range and Tibetan plateau.  

Discover the Himalayas with Nomadic Skies

Africa with the locals


Shree Lanka